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Spotlight Country 2017: Canada


With the certainty of strengthening bridges instead of building walls, the Guanajuato International Film Festival is proud to announce Canada as our 2017 Guest Country of Honor, joining the 150th anniversary celebration of their Confederation.

GIFF has established an alliance with the Canadian Embassy and Quebec’s General Delegation in Mexico, as well as 15 institutions in the Canadian film industry looking to solidify relationships between both markets. These institutions include: Telefilm Canada, the Toronto International Film Festival, Hot Docs, Vancouver Film School, Festival du Cinema de la Ville de Quebec, Inside Out LGBT Film Festival, among others.

Likewise, GIFF along with the Mexican Institue of Cinematography (IMCINE) and authorities fromur visiting country, will participate in our Mexico-Canada Bilateral Forum, which will take place during the festival in July.

This encounter will witness a discussion about the impact of the Free Trade Agreement on the film industry, seeking to reinforce dialogue and confirm each side’s disposition to work together. This exchange and intercultural bridge must continue and be stronger than ever.

It will be a very exciting year. Let’s celebrate together!

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