Not satisfied with merely being one of the most important platform for young filmmakers in Latin America, but also a space for artistic and professional development, the festival has created a diverse Industry area in order to stimulate Mexican feature film production while projecting its potential as a cultural commodity worthy of international investment. Over the last eleven years, the INTERNATIONAL PITCHING MARKET has dedicated a space, the first of its kind in Latin America, for the co-production and production of independent film projects, with over 30 projects financed to date. Maintaining our objective of uniting and refocusing forces to achieve better conditions within the film industry, the festival’s industry has grown to include:   -       INCUBATOR :private consulting sessions with top industry professionals -       the BILATERAL COPRODUCTION FORUM: an open space for developing dialog and co-productions between Mexico and other countries -       MEXICANNES: Summer Residence Program and Master’s Classes in Guanajuato, in coordination with the Cinéfondation La Résidence -       the TORINOFILMLAB FRAMEWORK WORKSHOP 2014 -       the THINK TANK : a space reuniting experts from different fields to discuss and propose new ideas to bolster Mexican and International independent films distribution in new online platforms. -       the NATIONAL SCREENPLAY CONTEST for short and feature films. -       and the VANCOUVER FILM SCHOOL SCREENWRITING  WORKSHOP.

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